Hey guys i'm Jonathan the uth pastor and here at woodward uth You’ll make friends, laugh until you cry, and maybe just cry at my bad jokes. What better way to navigate the teenage life than by learning to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, then use that love to empower you to love your neighbor as yourself. So come get plugged in at FBC Woodward!

A few things we do

Calfe is open on wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30 offering a wide variety of drinks and snacks!

Falls creek 2020 June   8 - 13

McDart every other tuesday in mcdonalds @ 7am

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202 E Hanks Trail
Woodward, OK 73801
580 256 2837
Life Groups: 9:30 am
Worship: 10:45 am
Discipleship: 6:00 pm
Open Gym: 7:00 pm
FBC Kids: 5:30 pm
Prayer meeting: 6:15 pm
Youth: 6:30 pm
Choir: 7:00 pm
Moms morning 
9:00 am
Know him, make him known
FBC Woodward