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Pastor of Family Ministry 

First Baptist Church Woodward, OK 

202 E. Hanks Trail 

Woodward, OK 73801 


Job Overview:  

The Pastor of Family Ministry will serve in a pastoral capacity through the ministry of God’s Word. This includes preaching, teaching, discipling, evangelism, missions, counseling, administering ordinances, visitation, officiating weddings, and funerals.The Pastor of Family Ministry will be responsible for the development, leadership, and oversight of all ministries provided for families and their children aged nursery through college. The pastor will guide a ministry team of both staff and volunteers in providing discipleship, outreach, and leadership development in order to build an environment that engages families, children, and students. The pastor will work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor in providing Spirit-directed ministry initiatives. This person is committed to living out the mission statement of FBC Woodward: “Know Him, make Him known”. This position is directly supervised by the Lead Pastor.  


Estimation of Duties: 

  1. Teaching/preaching, preparation, creating lesson plans, pastoral care (35%). 

  2. Direct interaction with children/students/parents (30%). 

  3. Development/training/discipleship of ministry coordinators, leaders & volunteers (15%). 

  4. Global missions/local outreach (10%). 

  5. Administrative oversight (10%). 

For full job description and to apply, click the following link:

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